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     Kathryn Jackman,       Dream Therapist

Help with Troubled Sleep and Dreams

Help with Troubled Sleep
and Dreams

Mission Statement

It is my mission to help everyone who contacts me, from anywhere in the world, to understand their dreams and not be afraid to go to sleep. Whether you are having nightmares, or other problems, such as sleep paralysis, I will do my best to help you recover and sleep peacefully.

A Bit About Me

As a young child, I slept very deeply; it seemed like nothing would wake me up. Nonetheless, I had sleep issues – sleepwalking from the age of 4 years old. Can you imagine what it was like for a child that age to be woken up in the morning, with the sunshine streaming through the window, and being called downstairs to breakfast, only to suddenly be plunged into darkness, all alone, sitting in the dining room? Luckily, my mother would always find me and guide me back to bed. Later on, at the age of 6, I developed sleep paralysis. At the time, I had no idea what this was, and so I was convinced my bedroom was haunted. This continued into my adulthood, and it was only when I read an article about someone else with the same condition, that I realised what was happening to me, and I decided to look into the cause, and hopefully, find a cure. This, and the fact that I have always had very vivid dreams, led me to become a Dream Therapist, so that I might be in a position to help others.

Relevant Qualification - Dream Therapy and Analysis Diploma With Distinction - The Centre of Excellence

What one person said about Kathryn Jackman Dream Therapist- "Had a great experience with Kathryn about the strange dream I had recently - felt more positive after the zoom call. Definitely recommend! She is patient, supportive and passionately wants to help. Go and see her." Yin Wan Chong, Taiwan

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Dream Therapy

Areas of Dream Therapy Covered:

• Ancient History and Dreams
• Freudian Psychology and Dreams
• The Stages of Sleep
• Non-REM Sleep
• Your First Dream
• Dreams and Sleep as you get Older
• Dream Journals
• Repetitive Dreams
• Abstract Shapes in Dreams
• Colours in Dreams
• Sounds in Dreams

• People in Dreams
• Family in Dreams
• Strangers in Dreams
• Colleagues in Dreams
• Role Playing in Dreams
• Animals in Dreams
• Mythical and Lost Creatures in Dreams
• Transport in Dreams
• Scary Dreams
• Fear Dreams
• Elusive Sleep – Insomnia

• Improved Sleep
• Forty Winks, Siestas and Power Naps
• Daydreaming
• Animals and Dreaming
• Lack of Sleep
• Dream Subduing Substances
• Sex Dreams
• Intimate Dreams
• Fantasy Dreams
• Sleep Walking
• Sleep Paralysis

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Further Information

Office Hours (calls taken)
Evenings & weekends

Therapy Meetings
Arranged to suit individual (Evenings & weekends), Each session lasts up to – 1 hour

Are held online, using Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp, or by telephone.

£35 per session to be paid in advance. You will be invoiced via an online gateway via PayPal where you can use your debit or credit card securely.

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